TSIL Homes Program

(Transitional Semi-Independant Living)

Chimo operates 6 co-ed Group Care homes for youth between the ages of 13 – 18 years, with core programming focused on preparing youth for independent living.

  • Four homes focus directly on independent living preparedness.
  • Two homes provide these skills, along with parenting skills to our pregnant and parenting youth.

Qualified Child and Youth Care workers provide supervision and guidance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Chimo staff are qualified and held to a code of ethics and confidentiality to ensure best practices and quality of services.

Youth Support
This program assists youth in preparing to transition into independent settings. This will be achieved through practicing:
• Basic household duties
• Learning budgeting skills
• Teaching youth how to access community resources
• Supporting youth’s physical and emotional well-being
Parenting Transition Homes
The Chimo Parenting TSIL homes are voluntary, supportive, group care settings. These settings provide care, support and training to pregnant and parenting youth that require assistance in developing positive parenting skills and independence. These programs work closely with Terra Association to provide expanded parenting skill knowledge.
Transition Homes Program Age/Eligibility:

Youth aged 13-18 years old with Child and Family Services status. Youth are required to complete an intake interview to determine readiness for participation/admission into this voluntary program.


Made with the support of Alberta Child and Family Services through the Edmonton Regional Placement Coordinator.


Joan Brophy
T-SIL Operations Manager
780-420-0324 ext 1233


Deejay, former TSIL Program youth:


"Chimo has taught me life skills and the qualities needed to be an adult. It made me independent and overall in a better place than I started in. I wouldn't be the person I am now if Chimo wasn't there for me."

TSIL Program employee:


“I completed my second year practicum as a student at MacEwan University – Second year of the Bachelor of Child and Youth Care Program – from September 2017 to April 2018 with Chimo Youth Retreat Centre TSIL home #10. From there, I was hired as a Relief Staff in April 2018 where I worked full time in the six TSIL homes, then was hired as a Full Time Staff at TSIL Home #11 in October 2018. Each stage was full of new experiences, and I was supported through each period and transition by my coworkers and supervisors. Chimo has given me the opportunity to work in a safe and supported environment where I can serve youth to my fullest ability.”

TSIL Program employee:


"I started at Chimo as a Student in 2012, then was hired as a relief staff, and have been working full time here since 2014 in the TSIL program (Chimo 10). I have been really lucky to have an immediate Supervisor who is amazing. She is there for me at work but also in my personal life. She really cares about her Staff! We spend a lot of time at Work because of the hours, but it really becomes like a family. My niece grew up wondering where my “kids” are and why she has never met them – because I always call the youth “our kiddos!” There are so many things the youth have taught me over the years and it’s really nice to know we can help youth – even if it’s just for a short period of their life. And it’s great that we keep in touch with former youth too and get to see them – even if it makes me feel old! Chimo has really helped me grow as a person and as a professional. I have learned so much working here and I’m so lucky to be part of this team."

TSIL Program employee:


“I started at Chimo as a student in 2008; I am currently full time working on a Masters in Counselling Psychology. I still feel just as hopeful about Chimo Parenting program as the day I started 11 years ago. Chimo allows me freedom in my schedule for school and family, ensures that I have up to date trainings in a variety of meaningful topics to improve my competency and they create team-building opportunities such as a yearly paid trip to Jasper.

Working with young mothers is a true blessing. I believe that healing the past and changing cycles starts with the bond of mother and child. I have seen many young woman change their self-destructive lifestyles, and start a new path for their children. A path free from addiction, intergenerational trauma and abuse. I am inspired when I have previous youth come back to Chimo and state that our guidance, role modeling of best practice parenting, caring and support changed their lives and therefor the lives of the next generation.”

Thank you Chimo for all you do for your staff and youth.”


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